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The West and East sides of Whitby from the road bridge with the Abbey in the background.

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The Yards of Whitby


The ancient fishing port of Whitby is built on both banks of the mouth of the river Esk. The older East side is joined to the West side by a swing bridge which opens to let boats out from the inner harbour and marina onto the open sea. The main street of the old East side of Whitby is Church Street, which has cottages to one side and the river to the other. At the swing bridge it becomes a cobbled pedestrian street with houses and shops on both sides. Church Street runs to the base of the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey and Saint Hilda’s Church with its eerie graveyard of weathered headstones. From here you have a marvellous view up the coast to Sandsend with its pretty beach.

On the west side of the Esk there are a mixture of old cottages and grander Victorian houses plus all the shops, pubs and restaurants you would expect in a busy tourist resort. Pannett Park houses the museum and gallery which contains some gems of local history including some historic model boats, fossil crocodiles and a “hand of glory” ( the severed hand of a murderer, carried by burglars for luck).

The yards of Whitby are a unique feature of the town, housing pretty old cottages which were once the homes for the large families of fishermen, artisans and seamen.
With a little imagination you can conjure up images of press gangs and customs men chasing their victims through these passageways hindered by washing lines hung across the yard and the smoky haze from coal fires.
We are proud to offer cottages in Saltpanwell Steps, Old Gas House Yard, Carrs Yard and McLachlins Yard which are centrally placed but often a little quieter than properties on the main roads.

Whitby is a working port, and opposite the amusements you can see the fishing boats bring in their catches and watch the fishermen attend to their nets. Parkol Marine on Church Street “has a reputation for building successful commercial fishing vessels for the North Sea and UK fishing fleets”

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